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Andrew Cuomo

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November 17, 2022 00:31:23

On this week's episode of "As A Matter Of Fact..." with Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Governor discusses the ongoing battle surrounding gun legislation in the United States. He outlines the current bipartisan standstill in the backdrop of former progress made by the historical Smith and Wesson Agreement. Governor Cuomo offers his perspective on the necessary gun law reforms and continues to work on consumer protection legislation through his Gun Safe America Project.

November 10, 2022 00:49:18

Welcome back to “As a Matter Of Fact...” with host Governor Andrew Cuomo. In this episode, Governor Cuomo walks us through the results of the Midterm Elections and forecasts the possibilities ahead as officials continue to count the votes in key states. Joining the Governor with expert analysis is Pollster and Political Consultant, Frank Luntz and renowned Presidential Historian, Douglas Brinkley. Together they will break down the key points and takeaways from Election Day.

November 3, 2022 01:00:51

On this episode of "As A Matter Of Fact..." with host Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Governor breaks down the issues concerning Americans across the nation as we head into Midterm Elections. Governor Cuomo is joined by former New York City Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly and renowned Pollster and Political Consultant, Frank Luntz to discuss the current political landscape.

October 26, 2022 00:47:36

This week on “As a Matter Of Fact"...with host Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Governor will tackle the mounting issues surrounding the current immigration crisis at the US border. Joining Governor Cuomo is Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies as well as Venezuelan Activist, Eric Rozo. Together they will discuss the influx of immigrants overwhelming the southern border states, the complexities of President Biden's immigration policies, the handling of asylum seekers, and the transport of immigrants to sanctuary states.

October 20, 2022 00:58:04

Welcome to “As a Matter of Fact...” with host Governor Andrew Cuomo. For the premiere episode, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci joins the Governor to have an in-depth conversation on all things politics, including the upcoming midterm elections, the current political divide, and, of course, Scaramucci’s former boss, Donald Trump. Elaine Kamarck and Mark Penn also weigh in and help the Governor dissect the origins of polarizing party politics.

October 18, 2022 00:01:16

Here’s what to expect from As A Matter Of Fact… with the first episode coming on Thursday with guest Anthony Scaramucci! Watch or listen to the weekly show, plus Bonus Episodes, exclusively on Quake Media.