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November 12, 2020 00:12:58

A US appeals court upholds a big “no” on affirmative action at a prestigious university. Politicians and pundits across the political spectrum encouraging the President to accept defeat. But, even if he doesn’t, Biden’s transition moves forward...maybe with a little Republican help? And flying taxis! Zoom calls! And golf balls!

November 11, 2020 00:16:31

Georgia’s on our minds: it’s hosting recounts and runoffs. The President still not conceding defeat. Some Republicans rallying to his side, others quite vocal about their opposition. What exactly did Pope John Paul the Second know about sexual misconduct in the Church? And thinking of the men and women who’ve served our country today on this 101st Veteran’s Day. Also, our Woman of the Week: making you feel less guilty … Valorie Burton.

November 10, 2020 00:13:24

The President’s Attorney General joins in on the election fraud campaign -- giving the green light to an investigation. As a result, a Department of Justice prosecutor in charge of election crimes resigns. Not a resignation but a firing over at the Pentagon. And the supreme court justices start hearings on the newest case against the Affordable Care Act.

November 9, 2020 00:10:41

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now President-Elect Joe Biden, and he’s hitting the ground running with a COVID-19 task force and executive order plans for Day 1. President Trump continues to pursue legal action regarding alleged voter fraud and refusing to accept defeat. Huge good news developments on the COVID vaccine front... good news that’s making the stock market surge. And the sad loss of the trivia host with all the answers.

November 6, 2020 00:13:17

Are we headed for the final countdown? Is Joe Biden on the verge of the Presidency? With patience and luck, we might have a tentative answer by the end of the day today. At a White House Press Conference, President Trump says the election was rife with fraud and that Dems are stealing the election, while social media platforms working on overdrive to try and combat the spread of misinformation. And puppies, planets and sharks... because the election is not the only thing happening.

November 5, 2020 00:12:30

Election counts continue with each candidate hoping he’ll be the one to inch towards those 270 electoral votes. President Trump levying legal battles. The Senate majority looks to stay in Republican control. And some interesting state ballot measures passed...including one to pass the joint in New Jersey.

November 4, 2020 00:15:21

No, we still don’t know who our President will be. But it may come down to just five states. Not all the Senate races have been called, but the Dems are unlikely to win the majority they hoped for. Coronavirus still surging. The Midwest and Southwest preparing for overcrowded hospitals. And, Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s first pivotal case in the Supreme Court happens today. Also, the Woman of the Week: Pat Mitchell.

November 3, 2020 00:12:30

Guess what? It’s Election Day! And we’ve got...election news! Voters flood the polls around the country after nearly 100 million early votes cast. The candidates are putting out closing bids for why they should be President. But that’s not the only race. At least 35 Senate seats are up for grabs as Democrats make a run for a Senate majority. And states across the country vote on plenty of intriguing ballot measures too. All that with a few election day distractions as well. State by stating timing and summaries: Find your mail-in ballot:

November 2, 2020 00:11:38

Here’s the news you need to know today. It’s Election Eve! The candidates are in the final stretch... crisscrossing lots of states, but could it all come down to just one? With the countdown going down… coronavirus cases continue to go up. Some concerned election day stress could lead to election day violence. And -- how do you handle your election day stress if you have it? Some of us are preparing for some stress eating and some of your favorite restaurants are offering free food! I’ll tell you where.

October 30, 2020 00:11:24

It’s the Friday before Election Day, and early votes keep pouring in… by the millions. The candidates are bouncing from state to state... even as the President sends some alarming late-night tweets. Record breaking we’re not celebrating: COVID infections up again, even if Don Jr. doesn’t think so. And Walmart is taking guns off the shelves in anticipation of potential social unrest after the election. Also, some fun facts for Friday!