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Mike Huckabee

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December 2, 2020 00:54:03

Ever wonder what ever happened to good old-fashioned gumshoe reporting? Veteran journalist Uma Pemmaraju has the answer on this week’s “People’s Podcast,” speaking with Governor Huckabee all about the news media’s declining standards in our ironically named information era.

November 25, 2020 00:54:21

This week on The People’s Podcast, Governor Huckabee sets the table for a very unusual Thanksgiving holiday, and calls out the government officials who are attempting to infringe on Americans’ rights with restrictions they know they have no power to enforce. Later on, he sits down with Lt. Col Dan Rooney who shares the chilling story that inspired him to found Folds of Honor, and gives us a peek at his book "Flying into the Wind" and his career as a fighter pilot that inspired it.

November 20, 2020 00:25:14

On today's bonus episode of The People's Podcast, Senator Marsha Blackburn stops by to chat with Governor Huckabee about her grilling of Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill this week, and what actions she's fighting to put into place to make sure big tech is held accountable.

November 18, 2020 00:54:31

This week on The People's Podcast, Governor Huckabee explains how President Trump's business instincts are helping chart the path to a coronavirus vaccine through Operation Warp Speed, and showing us that government doesn't always have to be the enemy of innovation. Later, he chats with Ken Abramowitz about America's cultural civil war, and who conservatism's best footsoldiers are.

November 11, 2020 00:58:57

On this episode of The People’s podcast, Governor Huckabee shares his take on the 2020 election results so far and chats with Candace Owens about her new bestselling book “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation.” Later on, the Governor is joined by Army veteran and country music star Craig Morgan for a special Veterans Day bonus interview. In this must-listen bonus, Craig shares the pain and joy that went into his recently released album “God, Family Country” and fills us in on his latest work providing mortgage-free homes to veterans and their families with Operation Finally Home – you won’t want to miss it!

November 5, 2020 00:18:22

Governor Huckabee's exclusive reaction to the election.

November 3, 2020 00:58:38

In today's episode of The People's Podcast, Governor Huckabee explains why Joe Biden's campaign is so flush with cash, and what that means in the fight for control of the White House and the Senate. He's also joined by esteemed historian and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Dr. Victor Davis Hanson to discuss the Democratic Party's transformation from the party of working folks to the party of elites in ivory towers.

October 28, 2020 00:52:08

This week on The People’s Podcast, Governor Huckabee breaks down the presidential debate in Nashville, and ponders why President Obama has suddenly come out of the woodwork to stump for Joe. Later, he’s joined by Trump 2020 Senior Adviser Hogan Gidley, who lays out the president’s real record on the economy, coronavirus and more.

October 22, 2020 00:51:50

Hours from the second and final presidential debate of the 2020 election, Governor Huckabee takes a look at the differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump issue by issue, and explains why in this election above all others, policy must prevail over personality at the ballot box. Later he catches up with Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Adviser and 2016 campaign veteran Dave Bossie about the future of presidential debates (and the debate commission) after this cycle’s debate drama, and we’ll hear how President Trump prepares for battle before debating his opponents.

October 21, 2020 00:47:33

In the debut episode of The People's Podcast, Governor Huckabee lays out the stakes for the presidential election that's only 12 days away, and reveals that the true perpetrators of election interference aren't Russian nationals, but the national media. He also talks with his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, about who President Trump really is when the lights go out and the cameras turn off.