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September 14, 2021 00:38:46

Soledad sits down with stand-up comedian, actress, author, producer, and founder of Tiny Reparations, to talk about her new book, "Please Don't Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes."

September 10, 2021 00:36:01

Ahead of the anniversary of 9/11, Soledad sits down with Dr. Benjamin Luft, director of the Stony Brook WTC Health and Wellness Program, to talk about first responders' mental and physical injuries 20 years later.

September 7, 2021 00:46:02

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Soledad sits down with first responder firefighters Brenda Berkman and Regina Wilson and former CNN producer, Rose Arce, all of whom responded that day.

September 3, 2021 00:37:18

Affordable housing was already a problem in New Orleans, before the pandemic and now the latest hurricane. Soledad catches up with Cashauna Hill to hear about how Hurricane Ida has displaced even more people.

August 31, 2021 00:34:57

Soledad sits down with Annie Pforzheimer, Senior Non-resident Associate with Center for Strategic and International Studies and Former Deputy Chief of Mission in the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

August 27, 2021 00:32:43

Soledad talks with author, professor and Atlantic Council non-resident senior fellow Jennifer Murtazashvili about the Taliban, ISIS-K and years of corruption in Afghanistan.

August 24, 2021 00:15:15

Soledad takes a closer look at how women and girls will be affected by Taliban rule. Special guest is Women for Women founder Zainab Salbi.

August 20, 2021 00:09:17

Soledad takes a closer look at what’s been happening in Afghanistan, how the US has been involved for the last twenty years, and how the American media is covering it all.

August 17, 2021 00:36:05

Last week the US Census released its official once-in-a-decade results, setting the stage for redistricting and giving Texas two extra congressional seats. Soledad sits down with Lydia Camarillo, head of the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force.

August 13, 2021 00:41:20

During the pandemic, retailers used more facial recognition technology than ever before. Soledad sits down to talk about the future of it with Axios’ Chief Technology Correspondent Ina Fried.