What Do You Really Think? with Marc Lamont Hill and Buck Sexton

Marc Lamont Hill

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September 13, 2021 00:37:58

On "What Do You Really Think?" this week, Marc opens with a demoralizing update from his latest pickup basketball game (spoiler: his Achilles was involved) before the guys turn their attention to the Texas abortion ban and the latest COVID updates.

August 31, 2021 00:36:02

On "What Do You Really Think?" this week, Buck and Marc open with a conversation about Kanye West and the politicization of pop culture before they turn the conversation to the latest news out of Afghanistan, including the tragic recent bombing that killed 13 U.S. service members, their confidence (or lack thereof) now in President Biden, and how President Trump hypothetically would have handled Afghanistan differently.

August 24, 2021 00:39:17

Not surprisingly, this week's "What Do You Really Think?" is all about Afghanistan. Buck and Marc break down the latest news and debate interventionism vs. isolationism, how the right and left view Afghanistan, whether or not the U.S. should have kept troops there, and why we didn't know (and were so unprepared for) just how quickly the Taliban would take control. Plus, Buck describes his experience at a New York City wedding that required proof of vaccination for all attendees.

August 17, 2021 00:40:57

On "What Do You Really Think?" this week, Buck and Marc spend plenty of time unpacking the volatile, shocking, and fast-developing situation in Afghanistan following President Biden's controversial decision to pull out American troops there after 20 years. And later, Buck reveals his decision to get the vaccine (in order to attend his brother's wedding), and the guys discuss the latest COVID developments, including the impact of vaccine paperwork in New York City, masking and vaccine policies in schools, and the effectiveness of COVID-related rules on airplanes. And finally, some pop culture recommendations! Marc praises Respect (the Aretha Franklin movie), and Buck shouts out Untold (the "Malice in the Palace" documentary).

August 10, 2021 00:34:54

On "What Do You Really Think?" this week, Buck and Marc compare the Biden Administration's response to COVID-19 vs. the Trump Administration's response, discuss the possibility of AOC challenging Chuck Schumer in 2022, and break down the latest revelations in the growing case against Andrew Cuomo.

August 3, 2021 00:53:32

Even though Buck doesn't care about the Olympics, he and Marc start this week's episode with two Olympics-related conversations -- 1) the enjoyment on the Right watching the "woke" U.S. women's soccer team's stunning defeat to Canada in the semifinals, and 2) whether people should have celebrated the "bravery" of Simone Biles for withdrawing from the Olympics for mental health-related reasons. And later, the guys inevitably turn the conversation to COVID updates, including the debates that continue to rage around mask policy and vaccine mandates.

July 27, 2021 00:39:32

On this week's episode, Buck and Marc open by discussing an undercovered story involving Clinton donor Ed Buck, and then the guys run through a bunch of topics in the news: rising COVID rates nationally, vax-shaming, natural immunity, the actual numbers on who's *not* getting vaccinated (Trump supporters vs. Black people), social distancing as a luxury, the "college pledge" and the hypocrisy of white liberals, holistic admissions policies and affirmative action, and more.

July 20, 2021 00:46:39

On "What Do You Really Think?" this week, Marc opens by describing his "Buck Moment" with masking policy in Maui, and then the guys run through several topics on their minds: the stock market's worst day of the Biden presidency, vaccine hesitancy and anti-vax sentiment, the media's continuing obsession with Trump, whether mandatory vaccines should be allowed in places like children's hospitals or senior centers, and the complicated situation in Cuba (and the American Left's divided response to it).

July 13, 2021 00:47:01

On this week's "What Do You Really Think?" episode, Buck and Marc break down the latest coronavirus news before diving deep into recent political news and potential future developments, including Trump vs. DeSantis, the Trump-Biden age debate, who would win a DeSantis vs. Kamala presidential election, whether the 2024 Democratic nominee be someone other than Biden or Harris, the final nail in Andrew Cuomo's political coffin, Gavin Newsom's uncertain future, and whether or not Marc or Buck would ever run for political office.

July 6, 2021 00:42:36

On this week's "What Do You Really Think?" episode, Buck and Marc discuss the tenure controversy involving Nikole Hannah-Jones and the University of North Carolina, Bill Cosby's surprising release from prison (after which he immediately tried to troll Marc on Twitter), reforming vs. abolishing the criminal justice and prison systems, and the debate around a transgender weightlifter's Olympic dream.