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The People's Podcast - Episode 6 - Media Bias and the Election w/ Guests Candace Owens & Craig Morgan

The People's Podcast with Mike Huckabee · November 11, 2020 · 00:58:57

On this episode of The People’s podcast, Governor Huckabee shares his take on the 2020 election results so far and chats with Candace Owens about her new bestselling book “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation.” Later on, the Governor is joined by Army veteran and country music star Craig Morgan for a special Veterans Day bonus interview. In this must-listen bonus, Craig shares the pain and joy that went into his recently released album “God, Family Country” and fills us in on his latest work providing mortgage-free homes to veterans and their families with Operation Finally Home – you won’t want to miss it!