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What Do You Really Think? - Afghanistan Fallout, COVID Updates, Movie Recs

What Do You Really Think? with Marc Lamont Hill and Buck Sexton · August 17, 2021 · 00:40:57

On "What Do You Really Think?" this week, Buck and Marc spend plenty of time unpacking the volatile, shocking, and fast-developing situation in Afghanistan following President Biden's controversial decision to pull out American troops there after 20 years. And later, Buck reveals his decision to get the vaccine (in order to attend his brother's wedding), and the guys discuss the latest COVID developments, including the impact of vaccine paperwork in New York City, masking and vaccine policies in schools, and the effectiveness of COVID-related rules on airplanes. And finally, some pop culture recommendations! Marc praises Respect (the Aretha Franklin movie), and Buck shouts out Untold (the "Malice in the Palace" documentary).