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What Do You Really Think? - CPAC/Trump, Texas vs. California, Dr. Seuss Decision & More

What Do You Really Think? with Marc Lamont Hill and Buck Sexton · March 3, 2021 · 00:40:37

This week’s “What Do You Really Think?” episode comes a day later than usual after Marc lost power in the Catskills during our first recording attempt, so he and Buck had an extra day's worth of news to discuss, including Buck’s experience at CPAC in Florida, what debating on cable TV news shows is *really* like, the “cancel” conversation from differing political perspectives, differing mask policies in Florida/California/Texas, their thoughts on the latest Derek Chauvin news, and the decision to remove six Dr. Seuss books from circulation. Plus, a throwback photo of Buck and Marc together at the White House Correspondents Dinner (back when President Obama outshined host Larry Wilmore).